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Full Recruitment Solution/Consultancy

Our experience and knowledge has taught us the importance of being completely flexible in terms of what we can offer Clients.

We are genuinely revolutionary and innovative when it comes to service offerings and fee Structures. You will be delighted by the options we have for you.

In terms of the Full Recruitment Solution, the majority of our instructions are on a Retained Selection basis. This is when you will see the full value of our experience & expertise and this is the service which undoubtedly leads to the best results every time.

That said, we can be very flexible and can offer a full range of recruitment services depending on individual requirements.

Our Recruitment Consultancy services are outlined below but if you would like a more detailed assessment as to which service would deliver the best results for your own particular requirement, then please feel free to pick up the phone to talk to one of our consultants

Retained Selection/Premium Model

The retained model is where we guarantee a certain level of resource attaching to any piece of recruitment. In return for a modest up-front payment you will be allocated a dedicated Senior Consultant who will take charge of your assignment from the very start of the project right through to its successful conclusion. Your Senior Consultant will be part of the  leadership team with enhanced resources at their disposal, including the facility to make available additional resource if so required.

Harris Carlton will use all recruitment methods available to ensure the successful conclusion to any retained assignment. This includes proactive searches of all relevant databases including social media, advertising the vacancy in relevant publications/websites at reduced rates and, where necessary, extensive market research in order to identify the very best people currently working in similar roles but who under normal circumstances wouldn’t be considering a career move.

The fee for this model is agreed between the parties at outset but typically will include three stage payments – one at outset, one upon production of a shortlist of candidates and one upon successful completion of the assignment.

Client Paid Advertising

If your vacancy is best suited to a recruitment advertising campaign, there are considerable benefits to using Harris Carlton’s advertising division. You will be using a recruitment advertising specialist to co-ordinate & lead the process as well as manage all the resultant responses on your behalf.

The client becomes responsible for the cost of the advertising. Harris Carlton add real value to this process through the reduced advertising rates we already have negotiated. We will also design, set, write and place the advert, handle all resultant replies, pull together a shortlist and interview those candidates. Only those candidates that closely match the original brief will be put forward to the client for interview.

We can also provide recordings of telephone interviews which you can listen to at your convenience – at work, at home or even in the car.

The Fee for this model is agreed at outset and becomes payable upon successful completion of the assignment. The separate recruitment advertising costs are agreed and paid at outset.

Basic Contingency Model

This service has proven to be a reliable way of identifying well matched candidates. It does not however include a dedicated consultant nor any other additional resources and this service tends to work best alongside the client’s own individual recruitment efforts or alongside other Recruitment Consultancies who have been briefed on the same vacancy.

Our fee is completely contingent on us finding a candidate that you consider suitable for the role. If for any reason we are unable to locate such a candidate then no fees fall due.

Potential clients should be aware that the services described on this site are of a general nature, and in no way form part of the trading terms and conditions between Harris Carlton and its clients. Trading terms are often bespoke to each client, and may contain some, none, or all of the component parts herein mentioned. Any agreement reached between Harris Carlton and a client, is binding on both parties, according to the specific detail of that agreement, and is in no way affected by anything on this website.

Outsourced Recruitment Services

Harris Carlton is one of the new breed of Consultancies providing outsourced recruitment services, as well as the more traditional full service / end to end recruitment solution. Both models have their place, however it is important to consider the various implications when adopting a strategy. Whilst the full service model might be very good for a particular kind of recruitment campaign, other vacancies might favour the outsourced approach. It is essential to select the right methodology for any particular piece of recruitment, in the same way it is essential to select the right candidate for a particular job. The recruitment process is most definitely not a case of one size fits all, and adopting the wrong strategy can be hugely counter-productive.

The full service / end to end solution is often the choice of companies with fewer in-house recruitment resources, however companies with existing in-house resources very often don’t need the full service solution. These companies tend to just buy additional resources on an “ as required ” basis. Not only does this provide the additional support when needed, but the very nature of the outsourced model means you only pay for what you use ( as opposed to paying a full fee, when you only needed part of the service ).

Harris Carlton offer an innovative range of outsourced recruitment services. Our Consultants will be very happy to discuss your outsourcing requirements and recommend which parts of our Outsourced Solutions would best fit your particular vacancy(s).

Menu of Outsourced Solutions.

Recruitment Advertising

Harris Carlton has special national deals with most advertisers across all media types. No matter what you’re paying for advertising at the moment, it is highly likely we can further reduce those costs by taking advantage of our bulk buying power. Using us to place your recruitment advertising can often achieve immediate cost savings to your business.

We are also experienced and experts in writing compelling copy, designed to specifically appeal to the exact profile of candidates you are seeking, and ensuring you maximise your return on any advertising spend. Employer branding can also have a dramatic effect on returns.

Not least of all, we also provide advice on media selection on a vacancy by vacancy basis. Only by selecting the correct media for each vacancy can you in any way guarantee the best return on your advertising spend.

Response Management / Candidate Matching.

A successful recruitment advertising campaign can result in masses ( sometimes hundreds ) of applications, particularly in the current climate when the number of job seekers is so much greater than normal. HR Managers and Commercial Managers tend to be busy people, and simply don’t have time to be wading through piles of CVs in their inbox.

Equally frustrating is the fact that CVs don’t in truth tell you very much about the individual applicants and how well suited ( or not ) they might be to the job. For example a CV won’t tell you what a candidate sounds like, how well they answer questions, or even whether they sound like the sort of person who might fit into your team. Telephone screening is also extremely time consuming, again time which a busy HR Manager or Commercial Manager may not have available.

 Harris Carlton has a number of reliable and robust solutions that enables you to confidently outsource the response management process, ensuring that the strongest candidates are identified and engaged in a timely fashion, whilst also ensuring that any less suitable candidates are de-selected in a polite and professional manner which will both protect and enhance your company’s reputation.

Harris Carlton has developed its very own Automated Telephone Interview Solution. This is a completely unique & revolutionary product in the world of recruitment. The automated recorded telephone screening interviews are shared with you by e-mail enabling you to share with other stakeholders and line managers in the recruitment process. In addition to our Automated Telephone Screening Platform, our Person to Person screening is also very relevant, particularly for more senior positions.

Our Innovative Recruitment Funnel Service

Recruitment Funnel is a new and revolutionary service that is taking the Recruitment world by storm

Our Recruitment Funnel Service is designed to really streamline your Recruitment Advertising. The Recruitment Funnel process comprises two distinct component parts;

CV Analytics / Suitability Matching.

The first stage, and often the most time consuming, is to make sense of the huge volume of applications building up in your inbox which can be a real distraction from higher value priorities ( like running your business ). It can be extraordinarily difficult to draw valid information from a pile of CVs as most CVs don’t actually tell you very much, and many are nothing more than a list of jobs.

Step One – Harris Carlton e-mail an abridged job description to selected candidates along with our Key Competencies Questionnaire ( KCQ ). This document is vacancy specific, and asks candidates to provide examples of how their key competencies match those required to perform the job. The KCQ is a robust and reliable first stage screening tool which will enable you to reliably de-select candidates with a skill gap, leaving you with a selection pool of ( only ) those candidates whose skills and experience match what’s needed. It is very much designed to sort out the suspects from the prospects !

Recorded Telephone Interviews.

You will now be left with a pool of candidates with the right skills and competencies, which is a great starting point.

Step Two – Harris Carlton then provide recordings of telephone interviews with the candidates of interest. These recorded interviews are e-mailed straight to your inbox so you can listen to them at your leisure. You can even listen to them in your car or on the train which is a highly effective time management tool. More to the point you can tell so much more about a candidate by listening to them speak, than from a bare CV alone.

The recorded interviews, combined with the Key Competencies Questionnaires will enable you to confidently select those candidates you want to invite to full interview, and you can be assured that anybody who has gone through this process is well worth interviewing, so no more wasted interviews !

Hidden Talent Identification and Acquisition

Many of the best candidates do not reply to recruitment advertisements, especially if they are already successful in their current jobs. Harris Carlton provides a dedicated search facility to locate and identify those very candidates. The search includes Social Media and Databases searches, as well as headhunting for the more senior roles. Advertising is only half the story !

Independent Interview Observers.

Even the most experienced recruiters sometimes forget that the de-selection process is every bit as important as the selection process, and that the two are entwined.

When a recruitment campaign is drawing to a close and candidates have been selected for final interviews, the excitement and the desire for a successful conclusion are both understandably high. By this stage however many line managers have become “ emotionally attached ” to their favourite candidates, and the final interview process can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, as managers overlook candidates’ blind spots in a bid to fill the vacancy.

By acting as independent interview observers, the consultants at Harris Carlton can provide feedback to the line managers and HR Managers directly. Our consultants are entirely impartial and unattached to the final outcome, and their feedback has prevented many a costly recruitment mistake.

During the interview process our consultants will act as observers only, with the specific intention of highlighting any potential risks attaching to individual candidates. This covers attitudinal risk, capability risk , motivational risk, and cultural risk. If we identify any enhanced risk factors, we will also provide relevant methodology to explore and to test those risk factors, before you make a final decision.

Reference checking.

Harris Carlton provides a full range of insurance bonded reference checking services, including UK criminal records, European criminal records, previous employer references, and a whole range of bespoke referencing services too.

The services and methods described on this website are provided on a modular basis according to the needs of individual clients. Some assignments may include many of the component services, whilst other assignments may require only one, or a combination of, the various component parts. Nothing on this website is intended to create or impose any contractual obligation upon either party. Any business undertaken will be strictly according to the individual terms of business, which will be provided to each client upon, or prior to engagement.

Professionalism from start to finish

I was referred to Harris Carlton by a good friend and business associate, and I subsequently retained them to recruit a senior person at Managing Director level. I have been very pleased with their processes, and with their professionalism from start to finish. They demonstrated a clear understanding of the brief at outset, which resulted in them providing a very impressive shortlist. I have now filled the position, and I shall certainly return to Harris Carlton next time I am recruiting at a senior level. I can recommend them with complete confidence.

Greg Kenney – Chairman
Biocote Ltd

My preferred recruitment partner for a number of years

Harris Carlton has been my preferred recruitment partner for a number of years now, and I have found them to be extremely effective when recruiting at all levels. Not only do they consistently manage to identify the very best talent, they are also very capable at managing the whole recruitment process from start to finish, which leaves me free to manage our business.

Martin Hornung – CEO
Festive Productions Ltd

A very valuable resource when recruiting at all levels

I’ve now used Harris Carlton to recruit for a number of years, both at Festive Productions, as well as in my previous employment. When I moved to Festive, I was keen to continue the relationship with Harris Carlton as they had already found me a number of really excellent people, and I have found them to be a very valuable resource when recruiting at all levels. Not only do they identify the best possible talent, they do so with a minimal time input from myself; time which is then freed up to manage my sales team, and generate sales. I would summarise Harris Carlton as being professional, dedicated, and most of all highly effective. I am very pleased with my business association with them, and would recommend them without hesitation.”

James Marshall – Sales Director
Festive Productions Ltd

They are definitely my preferred recruitment partner

I have retained Harris Carlton for a number of critical commercial appointments over the past twelve months, and I have been delighted with their service. From outset, they made every effort to understand the intricacies of our business, and this is reflected in the excellent candidates they provide. They are definitely my preferred recruitment partner, and I would recommend them highly.

Tina Byrne – National Field Sales Manager
Nature’s Menu

Our biggest headache has now been removed from the hiring process

The Harris Carlton/Screening Solutions Ltd automated interview screening tool is immensely powerful, and I only wish we’d discovered it sooner. The ability of a potential candidate to compose themselves professionally, deliver well-constructed paragraphs, interpret and respond to questions in a competent manner, etc are all immensely important to us when hiring employees. Until now though, that has meant call after call to ascertain whether these skills are apparent, taking up significant amounts of time. Now we can just receive a recording in our inbox and determine very quickly whether we want to proceed, without the need for drawn out conversations. It’s a massive time saver, and our biggest headache has now been removed from the hiring process

Chris Hawthorn – Commercial Director

The whole process I found to be highly efficient & professional

I have recently applied for a Commercial Director ( MD Designate vacancy ). The vacancy was being handled by Harris Carlton. I was extremely impressed with the whole process. Harris Carlton kept me informed throughout the process, were extremely knowledgeable about the role in question, and the whole process I found to be highly efficient & professional. I must say I was very impressed by Harris Carlton and the way they showed care and consideration towards myself, and kept me informed of progress, plus made an effort to get to know me personally during the process. I would have no hesitation in recommending Harris Carlton to any Company wishing to recruit senior level commercial executives or to any candidates who are looking to secure roles of this nature.”


I would be more than happy to discuss other roles with you in future.

I’d also like to say how impressed I’ve been by Harris Carlton during throughout the whole process. I’ve had the dubious pleasure of working with a number of recruitment agencies over the last few months and have seen the good, the not so good, and the downright awful. The professionalism and dedication I’ve seen from Nick and yourself has been exemplary, and I would be more than happy to discuss other roles with you in future.


I have always found Harris Carlton’s approach refreshing and their service highly professional

Harris Carlton have previously successfully placed me in a role which I thoroughly enjoyed, and where I was very successful. I have always found Harris Carlton’s approach refreshing and their service highly professional. They keep you informed throughout, provide insightful feedback, and deliver an honest and highly personable service and approach. I would have no hesitation in recommending Harris Carlton to jobseekers and employers who are looking for, or looking to recruit senior level Commercial positions. I would certainly use them again if I was looking for a new role, or indeed looking to recruit at a Senior level.


I found the service to be personal, professional and genuine

As a candidate, I can thoroughly recommend Harris Carlton as I found the service to be personal, professional and genuine. It was quite a long process and I was impressed how my consultant was always easy to contact, kept me updated on the process and actively worked on my behalf to ensure good communication pathways with the employer.


Very helpful throughout the whole process

I would highly recommend Harris Carlton as unlike other Recruitment Consultants I have used in the past Richard matched up my skills to a role I had shown interest in. Richard was very helpful throughout the whole process and I was offered the position I had applied for.


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